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Go Simple Like Uqasha Senrose

Uqasha Senrose was born on 1 August 1991 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. She is the second out of seven siblings which one of them is also an actress, known as Nelydia Senrose. She used to work as a stewardess in AirAsia before becoming an actress. She has been actively pursuing acting in dramas, theater and films. Some of her popular drama includes “Sebenarnya Saya Isteri Dia” (2013), “Sayap Jibril” (2015) and the very recent one is “Tundukkan Playboy Itu” (2016). While for theater, “Ombak Rindu” where she played the main character which is Izzah coupled with Keith Foo, a popular male actress not only in Malaysia but also Indonesia.

Uqasha hijab fashion focuses more on simple, comfortable and gracious style made easier for the teens to follow.

Uqasha’s fashion style can be found in KWC Fashion Mall for less. Check out our July collection for Uqasha Senrose look-alike.

Go Simple Like Uqasha Senrose

Item Description

1. Trendy!
Modern Kimono RM45.00 Innez Couture Lot 1-27
Peach Ribbon Palazo RM55.00 Innez Couture Lot 1-27
Reb Ballerina Shoes RM89.99 C&E Lot G-77
Sling Handbag RM239.99 C&E Lot G-77
Shawl RM10.00 Fancy Fashion Lot 5-76
2. In Style!
Trendy Jubah RM35.00 Sidhu Worldwide Sdn Bhd Lot 3A-C1
Black Pants RM45.90 Love Inn Lot G57
Glitter Heels RM99.99 C&E Lot G-77
Shawl RM10 Fancy Fashion Lot 5-76
3. Relaxing Style!
Black Shirt RM20.90 Eze Fashion Lot 3A-30
Peach Ribbon Palazo RM59.00 Innez Couture Lot 1-27
Trendy Sandals RM79.99 C&E Lot G-77
Shawl RM10.00 Fancy Fashion Lot 5-76
Sling Handbag RM119.00 C&E Lot G-77