1. KWC Fashion Wholesale (“KWC”, or “we”, “our” or “us”) hereby notify you that pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, we hereby respect and is committed to the protection of the personal data of our customers and would strictly comply with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (‘hereinafter referred to as PDPA”) which came into force on 15th November 2013. This Personal Data Protection Notice (“the Notice”) explains how we collect and handle your personal information in accordance with the PDPA.
  2. Please note that KWC may amend this Personal Data Protection Notice at any time without prior notice and will notify you of any such amendment via our website or by email.
  3. Personal Data Protection Act is an act to regulate the processing of personal data in commercial transactions and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.
  4. Data subject (“you”, “your”) may have supplied and may continue from time to time, to supply us with your personal data and information by use of our online newsletter, shopping mall services, enquiring about us or our services/facilities, participating in our promotional activities and contest, through business relations with us and/or for the compliance with any laws or guidelines issued by authorities.
  5. “Relevant Person” in relation to the data subject, howsoever described, means –
    1. in the case of a data subject who is below the age of eighteen years, the parent, guardian or person who has parental responsibility for the data subject;
    2. in the case of a data subject who is incapable of managing his own affairs, a person who is appointed by a court to manage those affairs, or a person authorised in writing by the data subject to act on behalf of the data subject;
    3. in any other case, a person authorised in writing by the data subject to make a data access request, or both such request, on behalf of the data subject.
  6. The data is collected only if you choose to provide the information to us through application form, registration form, feedback form, online registration or through other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. All information requested for in the relevant forms is not obligatory to be provided by you unless stated otherwise. Should you fail to provide the aforesaid information, we would be unable to process your request and/or provide you with relevant services.
  7. Such data may include information concerning your personal details (such as name, age, gender, identity card number, signature), contact details (such as handphone number, address) and other legitimate purposes.
  8. If you do provide us your data, consequently, please be informed that the data and other information provided by you then and including any additional information you may subsequently provide later may be used and processed by KWC for the following purposes:
    1. the processing of enquiries for our services/facilities
    2. our promotional campaigns which include contest held on the website, Facebook and Twitter.
    3. research, statistical analysis and surveys in relation to our services/facilities;
    4. for investigating, reporting, preventing or otherwise in relation to criminal activities generally;
    5. for any purpose in compliance required by law or regulation;
    6. enable us to send you information by letter, email, telecommunication or other means of social media;
    7. collection of outstanding debt;
    8. for our internal record keeping.
  9. Your Personal Data is important to us and we are committed to keeping and processing the Personal Data in a secure manner. We will implement appropriate administrative and security safeguards, procedures and policies to the extent practicable and in accordance with applicable laws to prevent any unauthorised and unlawful processing of the Personal Data and the accidental loss, destruction or damage to the Personal Data at all times.
  10. Your personal information provided to us is processed by entities (in or outside of Malaysia) within KWC (including related companies, subsidiaries, holding companies, associated companies and outsourcing partners). KWC will ensure that:
    1. access to your personal information is restricted to staff who are contractually required to process your personal information in accordance with their respective job requirements: and
    2. only necessary information is released to the relevant employees.
  11. The refusal or failure to provide the Personal Data may result in the following:
    1. the inability for us to process gift deliveries;
    2. the inability to provide you with the information, products and/or services requested;
    3. the inability to provide you with updates of our services and promotions as well as obtaining your feedback on our services.
  12. You have the right to request that we correct any of the Personal Data that is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. You may also limit the processing thereof at any time hereafter by submitting a written request to us via:Contact Person:

    Marie Ann Francis
    Tel No: 03-9221 8081
    Fax No: 03-9221 8082

  13. We may, from time to time, need or be required to change our Personal Data Protection Policy to comply with or be consistent with changes in applicable law and regulations as well as our business operations or policies. As such, you may wish to review any changes to our Personal Data Protection Policy at this website/Facebook page from time to time.
  14. Disclosure
    Personal data provided to us will generally be kept confidential but you hereby consent and authorise us to provide or disclose your personal data:-

    1. for any purpose for which the personal data was to be disclosed at the time of collection of the personal data; or
    2. for any purpose directly related to the purpose referred to in subparagraph(a); or
    3. for the purpose deem necessary in order for us to perform and/or complete the services you had engaged or instructed us to any third party.