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StarXpo Centre is a 32,065 sq ft purposed build hall that is located at Level 15 of KWC Fashion Wholesale. It is the perfect place to have company events, weddings, concerts, competitions and so much more. Since its inception, the StarXpo Centre was the chosen venue for SCORE FitMob Festival 2015, the largest showcase of the best in sports, fitness and outdoor recreation in Malaysia; Tiger Translate 2014, a platform that celebrated global creativity through the exposure of different cultures and experience and Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) in 2013 to name a few. Book your event today!

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Comic Riot!2020-01-14T15:19:08+08:00
Vikey’s Water Torture Escape & Live International Magic Show2019-09-20T16:48:05+08:00
Retro Rahman 2.02019-11-28T19:02:11+08:00
Strider Cup Malaysia 2019 – Series 12019-11-28T19:02:19+08:00
Tian Kong Music Festival2019-11-28T19:02:15+08:00
Water Torture Escape & Live International Magic Show2019-11-28T19:02:24+08:00
Saturday Zumba & Fitness Party2019-09-20T16:48:45+08:00
PUMA TRAIN 24seven 20182019-09-20T16:49:43+08:00
Konsert Syantik2019-09-20T16:49:44+08:00
IsaiFM Music Festival2019-09-20T16:50:02+08:00
MILFF 2018 MAINSTAGE2019-09-20T16:50:04+08:00
EID UTSHOB 20182019-09-20T16:50:30+08:00
IsaiFM Music Festival (17 February 2018)2019-09-20T16:51:16+08:00
Sheila On 7 Live In KL2019-09-20T16:51:17+08:00
Jeff Chin Concert 20172019-09-20T16:52:59+08:00
Music Fiesta 2016/172019-09-20T16:53:02+08:00
Boss Talk with Chan Fong by Am Bank2019-09-20T16:53:08+08:00
TFC Concert with Western Union2019-09-20T16:53:08+08:00
M Day 2016 (Maxis Family Day)2019-09-20T16:53:09+08:00
Score Fitmob 20162019-09-20T16:53:26+08:00
Malaysia Independent Live Fusion Festival 20162019-09-20T16:53:27+08:00
Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 20162019-09-20T16:53:28+08:00
Sneaker LAH 20162019-09-20T16:53:30+08:00
Global Art Competition 20162019-09-20T16:53:32+08:00
Standard Chatered KL Marathon 2016 Race Entry Pack Collection2019-09-20T16:53:40+08:00
Visual Art Expo 20162019-09-20T16:53:58+08:00
Konsert Kurnia Slam 20162019-09-20T16:54:03+08:00
Sheila On7 Live in Malaysia2019-09-20T16:54:22+08:00
Astro MET 10 Awards2019-09-20T16:54:25+08:00
Celcom XPAX Fantasy Fest 20152019-09-20T16:54:44+08:00
Reebok One Live 20152019-09-20T16:54:52+08:00
Battle of the Freaks 20152019-09-20T16:54:54+08:00
WSSA 2015 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships2019-09-20T16:54:55+08:00
Score Fitmob Festival 20152019-09-20T16:54:56+08:00
GlobalArt National Art Competition 20152019-09-20T16:54:59+08:00
Where Are We Going, Dad? 2 (The Movie)2019-09-20T16:55:00+08:00
S.O.X. 2014 Fantasy Fest2019-09-20T16:55:01+08:00
National Art Competition 20142019-09-20T16:55:04+08:00
30 Hours Famine – Kick out Hunger 20142019-09-20T16:55:07+08:00
Tiger Translate2019-09-20T16:55:13+08:00
The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Digital Marketing2019-09-20T16:55:14+08:00
A Fest 20142019-09-20T16:55:17+08:00
DBKL – Sesi Mendengar Pandangan Awam2019-09-20T16:55:19+08:00
Johnnie Walker Step inside the Circuit Lounge2019-09-20T16:55:21+08:00
Ungu Live in Concert Malaysia 20142019-09-20T16:55:25+08:00
Elements of Sound – Rise of the Red Knights2019-09-20T16:55:26+08:00
Aaron Yan Insomnia Concert 20142019-09-20T16:55:30+08:00
Lee Ssang Showcase Malaysia 20142019-09-20T16:55:34+08:00
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